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Locomotive Player Placement is Closed

Thank you to everyone who attended, cant wait to start the Fall Season! The club will be contacting families that attended in the weeks to come.  

What is player placement?

This is a weeklong event the club holds to see every Locomotive player and new players from the city that wish to join the club. Here coaches evaluate them and place them in the appropriate team for each player’s best developmental journey.

For Locomotive Players - your attendance shows us that you want and are able to join us again for the formation of teams for next soccer year. This attendance will place your child on a team in El Paso Locomotive Youth Soccer.

For any outside players looking to play for an El Paso Locomotive Team -  you must register and attend player placement in order to be considered for one of our teams for the 2023/2024 season. 
Communication ahead of time is mandatory if you are planning on missing one of these sessions, however it may hurt your chances of being placed on a team. 

These placements will give your player an opportunity to make the Blue, Gold or Silver teams and may be offered for a potential tryout for a U13-U18 Academy ID Session.